Код: 39770
Количество: 1
Производител: Lampertz
Price: 740.00лв.


Lampertz DIS-Data-Safes with VdS class II certification, provides an unequalled combination of burglary attacks and fire protection. It’s tested to the acclaimed S 120 DIS VDMA 24991, RAL-RG 626/7 classifications.

Both keys are present and all closing mechanisms work flawlessly.

Description of data Lampertz DIS-Data:

- Anti-intrusion test

- Fire protection test

- Burglar protection against attacks with mechanical and thermally acting tools

- The locking and locking system protects against burglary attacks

- Body and door multi-walled with special concrete filling for the highest resistance

- Door with all-round locking

- Special rear profile at the hinge side

-Lock through a double-beard high-security lock with key 160 mm

- Door opening angle 180 degrees by external hinges

- Door hinge DIN right

- Grid division of the interior for the individual adaptation of the shelves .

Dimensions Outside: approx. 105 x 79 x 92cm (HxWxD)

Measurements Interior: approx. 65 x 44 x 47cm (HxWxD)

Available: available