New Furniture

Delivery conditions

Shipping, delivery and installation are not included in the item price. offers you a wide variety of delivery solutions:

Delivery at customer’s expense.

  • If you wish you can arrange the relocation of the furniture from their current location to your address (with installation if necessary), at your own expense. Upon request regarding specific products we will contact you with information about their location and whether they are in working or disassembled state. The delivery will be organized by

Delivery organized by ОfficeО

If requested we can provide transportation and delivery of the furniture to your address at a reasonable price.

We recommend this service for bulky, fragile or high value furnishings that require professional transportation, packing and securing.

The disassembled furniture is for your own installation.

Contact us so we could give you an extra quote and to clarify the convenient time (including off-hours and weekends) and place of delivery. The delivery costs will depend on the access to your address.

Delivery and installation organized by ОfficeО

  • Our full door-to-door service includes delivery, assembly and arrangement of the ordered furniture by our professional team. Additionally we will dispose of all packing materials from the shipment. We will contact you in order to give you a price and to clarify the time convenient for you (including off-hours and weekends) and place of delivery. Shipping and installation costs will mainly depend on the access to your address.

When sending your inquiry please select the appropriate shipping option for each item. does not make deliveries outside the city of Sofia for less than ten items or a total price below 250 BGN (VAT excluded).